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Refurbished White Orangery with 2 Lanterns This newly refurbished Orangery was once a out of date conservatory that was of no purpose to the customer due to the dramatic temperatures in the hot and cold seasons. This particular Orangery consists of two big sky lanterns which allows the light to reach all areas within the build. The customer chose a big sectioned window that overlooks their garden along with a set of french doors for easy access to the porch area. Unlike most of the orangeries we have built, this one has been painted in a lovely light orange. The customer believed that this was rather fitting due to the term 'Orangery'. The customer uses this space regularly to enjoy their morning coffee or to overlook their grandchildren while they play. Our customer rated their experience with us as a very good experience and stated how thorough we was throughout the process of the sale to the builds completion. They originally chose us due to the amount of good reviews we have received on our google page.
Rosewood Refurbishment in Carlton Previously, this build was a Conservatory that was used as a usable storage room due to drastic temperatures in the winter and summer. The customer wanted to create a space that could be used throughout the year and decided that a Orangery would be the perfect build to create this. They had previously used our company before for their windows and doors so they are aware of the quality product and work that we can produce, so much so that they only had us in to quote them! This build consists of a rosewood profile shown from the outside to match the rest of their house along with a white profile that is seen from the inside. They wanted the white on the inside as they believed this would make the room look bright and offer the room to look more spacious. The room is now used as a family room where the kids can freely play while the adults relax and watch the telly.  
Pebble Grey Transformation in Teversal   This house was initially built with a rosewood frame, however the customer was wanting to transform the property by choosing a bright colour that would contrast beautifully with their stonework. The 'Pebble Grey' was the perfect option for our customer as she neither wanted cream or white and as we at Glazedale can agree it compliments the property stunningly. The Orangery was refurbed due to potential future maintenance of the previous build, the customer wanted something that would last for years to come and not require recurring maintenance that wooden frames would have needed. The frame is a UPVC profile that is manufactured here in Derbyshire and is then fabricated in our factory to be able to create that bespoke finish.  This also goes for the windows and doors that we installed for the customer! The Orangery is used on a daily basis to relax and unwind from a busy working day. The customer has complimented the difference to the house through the windows, explaining that the house feels much brighter and less compact.
Hexagonal Anthracite Orangery   This Orangery was originally a wooden framed, polycarbonate roofed conservatory. We have now transformed this into a beautiful Orangery with Anthracite Grey frames that are manufactured in our factory and supplied by Liniar Profile. The build also includes a set of french doors that lead out to the patio area and allow the build to open up to area. Thin windows outline the build allowing a full view of the garden when taking a seat in the Orangery. This customer described their experience as 'brilliant' and was complimentary towards our team.          
New Orangery Build with White Frames in Heanor   This Orangery was built by our talented bricklaying team and then framed by our professional installers. The framework is manufactured in our factory by our excellent fabricatoring team and supplied by our local profile supplier Liniar. This build includes a double sliding patio door, which works effortlessly to open up the room into the garden, and floor to ceiling windows which allows a perfect view of the garden and a generous amount of light. Surrounding the Orangery is a lovely light grey paved patio which adds to the wow factor of the build. Our customer complimented our workforce, praising the cleanliness of the teams and how the salesman listened to their requirements and made suggestions when asked on improving anything within the Orangery.  
Chartwell Green Orangery, Windows & Porch in Burton This customer has continuously returned back to Glazedale for their home improvements. From having the original order of the their Orangery to a full house makeover with windows, doors and fascias & soffits. They have also recently had their porch transformed by us! The Orangery, which was built in 2018, is in a chartwell green frame on the outside and a white frame on the inside. The customer wanted a bold colour and opted to the beautiful chartwell green. This Orangery includes a raised sky lantern and 5 panel Bi-Fold with 3 pencil style windows on either side. They then proceeded to return back with an order for all the windows, doors and fascias to be replaced. This was also completed in a chartwell green, however the doors are in black which contrasts beautifully with the chartwell. We have now also recently refurbished their 20+ year old porch, which is again framed in the chartwell green. This customer has been extremely pleased with the work we've carried out over the last few years. They use the orangery daily as its now their main living area and enjoy looking out through to their lovely garden.
Refurbished Orangery with White Frames & Panels This newly refurbished Orangery was once a leaky and drafty conservatory, However here at Glazedale we worked our magic and transformed this once outdated conservatory to a modern and warm environment for the customer. The customer wanted a similar style to her conservatory which we agreed to achieve for her. We kept within the style of using White UPVC panels across the outside of the Orangery and for big open windows to go above. These windows are decorated with blinds within the glass unit themselves, the customer requested this as it would keep the room cooler in the summer. On the inside of the Orangery you can see on the photos that we have plastered the build instead of leaving the bare panel which could cause the room to be cold in the winter. The plastering of the inside will create a layer of insulation for the room, keeping it warm within the winter. The sky lantern also provides the room to be heated within the winter. The customer explained the process of the build as easy and stated there was no issues during. She is now extremely delighted to be able to use this room all year round and has stated that she will be using it relax with her granddog (As seen on the photos snoozing).
Rosewood Mini Orangery with Patio Doors in Belper   Originally an outdoor patio, we have now transformed this area with a beautiful rosewood framed Orangery that is used on a daily basis. With the inside framework being white and the two main sides with full length windows and patio doors, this really brightens the indoor space with floor to ceiling viewing. Our sky lanterns come in all shapes and sizes to compliment our installations. As you can see, this may be on the smaller size but compliments the build beautifully. This build also includes small opening windows on the opposite wall allowing the evening sunlight to come and glow throughout the room.          
Orangery with White Frames & Patio Doors This Orangery was originally a conservatory which was described as cold and outdated by the customer. We have transformed this previous conservatory into a beautiful modern Orangery. The build includes floor to ceiling length windows and patio sliding doors. Along the side of the orangery there is side entrance that the customer requested to keep as they found it more appropriate for the winter time when entering and exiting the build. The frames are white throughout to keep the room looking clean and bright as described by the customer. These frames are supplied by Liniar and are manufactured in our factory based in Ilkeston. The customer was exceptionally pleased with the build and described as better then expected. She was very complimentary towards our salesman stating he listened and designed them exactly what they was looking for which they appreciated as previous companies told them what they wanted wasn't possible. She also explained how the staff were very friendly and that nothing was too much trouble for them. Overall, this customer was very pleased and has already recommended our company to others.
Rosewood Orangery with French Doors in Heanor   This Orangery is framed with a beautiful deep rosewood with a wood effect engraved all the way around. All frames were supplied by Liniar and manufactured in our Glazedale factory. The build includes large tilt and turn, which are ideal for customers who may want to add that extra feature to their Orangery, and fixed windows to result in more light coming through to the house as well as the extension. French doors adorn the build to allow easy access to the garden. This was originally a conservatory that the customer stated was in desperate need of a an upgrade as it was old, dark and cold. We changed the frames from wooden to UPVC and the inside colour of the frames to white to brighten the room. The changing of roof from a polycarbonate to a sky lantern has also resulted in the warm being warmer and quieter due to the glass silencing the outside, this has resulted in the customer using the area as a dining room as it is now more enjoyable to sit down in. Overall the customer is really pleased with the build and stated that they really enjoyed their experience with us.
White Orangery in Ravenshead with Bi-Fold Doors Originally, this Orangery was a conservatory which was a well used room by the family, however over the years it began to get colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. The family struggled to use the space as a result of this and then decided that a change was required. That was when they contacted us! Through the help of a friend recommending us to the family and being impressed with our salesman's knowledge, they was instantly won over! The conservatory was originally set out as a separate room but the customer requested to have it all open plan. As you can see from the photos it is now an extended sitting room from the kitchen. The customer stated she wanted the extension to feel as though it was a garden room and that the garden was seeable from all angles, which is the reason for the Bi-Fold that goes from side to side. The build also features 'pencil' windows that are on either side of the tv which adds extra character to the room. The customer was thrilled with how the orangery turned out and thoroughly enjoyed her experience with us. This room is now the most used room throughout the house.
Orangery with White Frames and French Doors   This Orangery was built from scratch and what a difference it has made to the house! The purpose of this extension was to allow a chill space for all the family and to open up the garden to the house. We have achieved this by using French Doors to open up to the garden. We also went that extra step by slabbing the walkway way around the orangery to create a safe exit. To keep the privacy within the build, small windows are fitted on one side of the Orangery. The customer has decorated the orangery with a simple but elegant décor with bright white walls and oak flooring. The customer was complimentary of our staff stating that the salesman was polite, professional and very knowledgeable. Our bricklayers were also complimented by not only the customer but by the neighbours; who are experienced in that industry. They described their time with us as faultless and they are thankful for their experience with us.    
Cream Orangery & Windows in South Normanton Originally, this house was framed with a dark rosewood frame causing the house to look dull. However, it has now been transformed by our team at Glazedale as you can see on the photos below. The customer requested for their home to stand out on their little culdesac. Which has been accomplished by using cream frames throughout with a simple decoration of astragal bar running through the middle that runs around the house, as chosen by the customer . As you can see the customer has also chosen a traditional black composite door that compliments beautifully against the cream frame. The Orangery was originally a outdated and leaky conservatory that was unusable in high and low temperatures. However, with the craftsmanship of our installers, we have now created a space that can be used throughout the year and adds to the wow factor of the house. This build includes 2 sky lanterns of different shapes to allow all available light to not only lighten the build but also the house. The customer also requested for fascias and soffits in cream but to be outlined with black gutting and dry verges, which again compliments the house beautifully. Overall, the customer was extremely pleased with their work and stated that it was better than expected.
New Cream Framed Orangery in Ripley   This Orangery was originally a conservatory, however the customer was wanting more warmth and brickwork to the room. Our salesman then suggested an Orangery over a conservatory as he believed this would meet her requirements. Framed with mock sash windows and a set of french doors in a beautiful cream profile supplied by Liniar and then manufactured in our factory by our qualified fabricators. This style and colour was chosen by our customer and has proven to compliment the rest of the house. This Orangery has extended into an open plan kitchen, creating more dinning space for the customer and their guests. Our customer was extremely complimentary of her time with Glazedale and explained how she enjoyed her experience thoroughly. She stated that our fitters are clean, polite and professional and praised our salesman for his vast knowledge and how structural the sale was.    
Golden Oak Orangery in Loughborough Originally, this orangery was a conservatory which went unused by the customer. This orangery has now created a peaceful sitting area and office for the customers to enjoy as it overlooks and leads out into their garden using French doors and tall windows. All frames are Golden Oak which are supplied by Linair and manufactured in our factory based in Ilkeston. The Golden Oak perfectly compliments the house as it matches the existing windows and style of the house. However, on the inside of the house the frames are white, this keeps the room looking bright even on them duller days. This orangery also includes 2 sky lanterns, as an alternative to 1, as it seems to compliment the original build which dates back to 1764. Overall, this customer was extremely pleased with his orangery and enjoyed his experience with Glazedale from start to finish. The customer also took pleasure in commenting on our craftsmanship regarding the mini alcove we created to show off the original brick dating the house back to 1764.  
Orangery with Grey Frames and Bi-Fold Doors This new orangery in Crich, Derbyshire is a project that added a modern extension to the rear of the house giving the customer a getaway space to sit and relax whilst enjoying the views beyond their garden. This Orangery includes our Liniar Alumina Bi-Fold doors that follow the build all the way around. This allows the customer to feel as though they are sat in their garden rather than inside. Within the Bi-Fold glass units are internal blinds which are essential for them sunny days. All frames are fabricated within our factory based in Ilkeston which are all supplied by Liniar in the colour Anthracite Grey. This colour complements the pale brick used on the base of the build which matches the brick of the house. After the installation was completed, our customer purchased an air conditioning unit which he has now informed us that he hardly uses as the heat of the sun keeps the room warm and the opening of the Bi-Folds allows a cool breeze to enter when required. He also spoke of how they considered under floor heating but was soon to realize this was unnecessary as the sun keeps the floor warm through out. Overall, the customer was pleased with his Orangery and that is was everything that they expected for it
New White UPVC Orangery with Bi-Folds in Kimberley This Orangery is in classic white UPVC with wide Bi-Fold doors that opens up the room to their lovely garden. This orangery was originally a conservatory but our customer wished for something more modern and open to the garden for them to enjoy in the summer. This is why we suggested a Orangery instead.This Orangery has also created extra space for the customer within their home and made the house more open to the garden. The customer chose Glazedale as we listened to them and made it clear what we could do for them with set prices. This Orangery is framed with Linair white UPVC profile with complementary Liniar ModLock Bi-folds which is all manufactured in our factory based in Ilkeston. Like all our Orangery's, this includes a sky lantern which brings light in to the extension from all angles and due to the open plan of this home, it also brings extra light into their home.Our customer is extremely pleased with their Orangery and was very complimentary towards our craftmanship and Glazedale from the start with the salesman to the end with the installation team. They also followed on from this with an order of composite doors and UPVC windows.
New Anthracite Grey Orangery Frames   This new Orangery in Swanick, Derbyshire makes a great additional living space with Bi-Fold doors to open up their home to the garden. All frames are supplied by Liniar and manufactured in our factory based in Ilkeston. The Anthracite Grey, chosen by our customer, is showing to be increasingly popular within the orangery frames as it seems to add that modern look to the house. Along side of the Orangery is the Tilt n Turn windows. Our customer has said how multifunctional the Tilt n Turns are and how she is pleased that our salesman had recommended them. This Orangery's glass units also include blinds, which are useful to keep the sun out when its at its peak. However, the sky lantern still keeps that light and warmth within the room. Our customer is pleased with their Orangery and that it was everything that they expected of it. They also complimented our salesman for giving a structural quote and having no hidden costs.  

Grey framed windows give a sophisticated finish to this new orangery in Shirebrook This stylish orangery uses Origin Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors in anthracite grey and UPVC windows by Liniar, also in smart anthracite. The doors were assembled and windows manufactured by us before being installed on site. We ensured that the orangery’s brickwork matched the existing brickwork of the house – “a work of art” as our bricklayer described it – and you can see that the attention to detail has paid off in ensuring a seamless exterior transition from main building to orangery. The orangery is finished off beautifully with a glass roof with UPVC frames to make the very most of the natural light and to create a spacious feel to this additional area to the property. The customer wrote this for us on Checkatrade: “We chose Glazedale Limited after a number of other quotes, but from day one the customer service was first class from start to finish. Darren and his team of workers are first rate professionals, the workmanship is outstanding and they work hard to deliver what the customer wants with no nonsense. We ran into some building regulation foundations issues once the build had started, and some companies may well have walked away with what needed to be done to resolve it, but Darren offered that personal, calm service to see us through the problems. Top job Glazedale Limited, and thank you.”

Conservatory makeover in Heanor This conservatory project in Heanor, Derbyshire is one that we are particularly proud of. The transformation from a dull conservatory with brickwork that didn’t match the main building into one that is both more sympathetic to the style of the house and makes a stunning impact thrilled the client. The project even was even commended as the Installation of the Month in the National Fenestration Awards at the time. The cream profile on this project is supplied by Liniar (another local firm based in Denby, Derbyshire and with a great national reputation) and the frames, of course, were manufactured and installed by Team Glazedale We especially like the Liniar profiles because they achieve the highest energy ratings without expensive triple glazing – that’s got to be good. Without wanting to baffle you with technical detail, the UPVC profile – or frame – in a Liniar window contains symmetrical chambers to minimise the transfer of heat from the inside of your property to the outside. And, unlike other UPVC window systems, Liniar’s high thermal efficiency isn’t achieved at the expense of strength or security – the range is accredited with both PAS 24 Enhanced Security and Secured By Design status, assuring you of the highest standards. For the conservatory roof we used Pilkington Activ™ Blue, an attractive blue glass that combines self-cleaning properties with medium solar control performance helping to create a cooler internal environment which can be used all year round. To complete the project we looked after the finishing touches including the patio and slabbing taking the smart new look seamlessly into the garden. Take a look at the “before and after” pictures to see the stunning difference… With a boring brown frame the conservatory really lacked sparkle… With a smart cream frame the conservatory adds real style to the home… The old conservatory just sits on the edge of the garden… The new conservatory, patio and paving integrate home and garden… Impressed by the transformation? Take a look at the difference we’ve made on other conservatory projects of all sizes and styles…

Bespoke grey framed windows & french doors for this Derbyshire home This home in Chaddesden, Derbyshire have a summer house on their garden. We supplied and fitted windows and doors throughout to help the owner create the “wow” factor they desired and to keep it insulated for the colder seasons. We used Anthracite Grey UPVC for the windows and French doors, which is manufactured & installed by us. We are particularly pleased with the contrast of the dark grey on the wooden build.