Rosewood Refurbishment in Carlton

Previously, this build was a Conservatory that was used as a usable storage room due to drastic temperatures in the winter and summer. The customer wanted to create a space that could be used throughout the year and decided that a Orangery would be the perfect build to create this. They had previously used our company before for their windows and doors so they are aware of the quality product and work that we can produce, so much so that they only had us in to quote them! This build consists of a rosewood profile shown from the outside to match the rest of their house along with a white profile that is seen from the inside. They wanted the white on the inside as they believed this would make the room look bright and offer the room to look more spacious. The room is now used as a family room where the kids can freely play while the adults relax and watch the telly.


Screenshot 2023-10-25 121320
Screenshot 2023-10-25 121410
Screenshot 2023-10-25 121500
Screenshot 2023-10-25 121558