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Historically, a conservatory could present problems with thermal efficiency – too cold in winter, baking hot in summer. These days, the choice of thermally efficient materials and construction techniques mean that this is not a problem that should put anyone off adding an attractive new space to their home. Because there is greater thermal efficiency, less heat is transferred across the conservatory’s base, roof and windows. This means that it keeps in the warmth in winter and prevents overheating in summer. Your conservatory can be a lovely, comfortable part of your house all year round. The key is to make some smart choices right from the beginning. So the quality of the materials you choose will make a real difference. Materials for your conservatory Conservatory glazing Double – or even triple – glazing is an important part of ensuring a high level of thermal efficiency. We guarantee all our glass sealed units for 10 years from installation for the failure of hermetical seals. Conservatory roofing A glass roof is an obvious choice. You get the benefits of double glazing for thermal efficiency as well as increased natural light to make your extra space look and feel bright and airy. Alternatively, you might want a roof that matches the roof of your property making your conservatory look more like a room from the outside. Tiles can also offer great thermal efficiency and good sound insulation as well as being highly secure. Talk to us about your options for ensuring your conservatory is attractive as well as practical and energy-efficient. Conservatory base The construction of your conservatory base will help manage heat transfer from your conservatory. Your supplier should ensure you have a suitable damp proof membrane and use engineering bricks below the damp course. Conservatory brickwork If your conservatory design includes brickwork – usually in the form of a dwarf wall – you need to have a cavity wall with insulating material to reduce heat loss. Think about all these aspects when you first start planning your conservatory and you will have an additional attractive space to your home that is ideal to use all year round.
Planning Permission for your conservatory First, let’s talk about the important legal issues around building a new conservatory. Do you need Planning Permission? In most cases, you won’t. Conservatories are what is considered a permitted development which means they are exempt from planning permissions. Great news for you! However, there are some conditions under which you will require planning permission. So bear in mind the following when planning and designing your conservatory: You conservatory must not take up more than half of the area around the original house (when it was first built or as it was on the 1 July 1948 if built before then). Planning Permission can apply if you build your conservatory on the front of a property or the side facing a highway. For a detached house, it should be no longer than four metres; for a semi-detached or terraced property, no longer than three metres. The maximum height limit is four metres for a single storey extension. Conditions can vary if your property is in a national park, area of outstanding natural beauty or on other “designated land”. You can check whether you will need planning permission at the Planning Portal. And do talk to our experts to ensure that we can give you specific guidance for your conservatory project. Building Regulations for your conservatory Most new conservatories will be exempt from Building Regulations but, as with Planning Permission, there are special conditions where they will be needed. Think about how you can: Design the conservatory is built at ground level and smaller than 30m2. Ensure it is separated from the property by substantial walls, doors and windows and has a separate heating system. Ensure that, if the conservatory spans the width of your property, it does not restrict ladder access to upstairs windows, securing a fire escape route. You will need Building Regulation approval if you install fixed electricity points or a toilet or sink. Energy Survey for your conservatory If you have an open entrance between your house and conservatory – rather than separating the two with doors – you might need Building Regulations approval and you will need to have an energy survey carried out by a registered Energy Assessor. They will make recommendations to ensure that any additional heat loss from this arrangement can be offset with other improvements. These might include replacing old windows, improving insulation, or installing a more energy efficient boiler. Since energy efficiency is a big factor in choosing your new conservatory it makes sense to take full advantage of such improvements at this time.Again, talk to our experts to help find the best option for your home.
Bifold door colours

With over 150 different colour options for your bi-fold doors available there’s one to suit every home. And quality of finish is guaranteed – for 20 years! The aluminium is coated with the highest grade powder using an electrostatic process after a special pre-treatment. It is cured at 200°C to form a robust coating that is tougher than conventional paint whilst giving a beautifully smooth surface. This finish is very hardwearing, resistant to scratches – and resistant to colour fading which makes having such a great range of colour choices so tempting. Popular colours for your bi-fold doors Traditional light and dark silver, white and black remain popular choices. Choose one of these for a traditional look, especially for a traditional home. In recent years a dark grey – a slate or anthracite – has joined this popular selection giving a smart twist to a conventional option. Choose a dark grey for a look that is not quite conventional! Wood grain-look aluminium for your bi-fold doors Wood grain aluminium – how does that work? This is an innovative choice that offers the appeal of real wood without the bother of the maintenance, expansion or warping. The aluminium is powder coated as a base colour. It is then wrapped in a containing film which creates a vacuum for perfect adhesion. Then it is cured in a high temperature oven, transferring the ink on the film onto the base surface, creating a wood grain effect. Once cooled, the film is removed to leave a finish that resembles genuine wood. Choose from oak, walnut or mahogany. Get creative with colour for your bi-fold doors Looking for something different? With a real wow factor? Don’t worry, Origin bi-fold doors will have just the colour for you. Whether you want something that little bit different or something that will really stand out, a choice of 150 different shades means that you’ll find what you want. From sophisticated urban chic to striking pop art shades, the choice is your. You can also have different colours inside and out – how’s that for a unique look for your home?

Cleaning and maintaining your bi-fold door frames Looking after your bi-fold doors and keeping the frames clean is a straightforward task – even if it is not your favourite chore! Normally you will simply need to give them a thorough wipe with a non-abrasive cloth using warm water and a mild detergent. Be careful with the powder coat finish though. A strong household cleaner could cause damage to the coating spoiling the sleek finish you love. As a general rule, more stubborn stains can be dealt with using a non-abrasive liquid cream cleaner or paraffin-based cleaning solution. Cleaning the tracks of your bi-fold doors It is important for the smooth running of your bi-fold doors that you keep the tracks free from stones and debris as these can cause damage. The easiest way is simply to run your vacuum cleaner nozzle. An accumulation of dirt can be cleaned away by running a cloth along the track. With some doors it can be a good idea to keep the tracks and mechanisms lubricated with a silicon spray. Check with your supplier to see if this advisable for your doors. If so, concentrate on the area where the wheel and guide disks meet the tracks to ensure on-going smooth running. If you find that the track has suffered real damage, your best option is to contact a professional to assess the situation. It might be something that they can fix or they might recommend replacing the damaged track. But please don’t tinker with it yourself. You could make an easily-fixed problem worse! Cleaning the glass of your bi-fold doors When you’ve invested in bi-fold doors to bring sunlight into your home, the last thing you want is to spoil that effect with streaky glass. Here are our tips for keeping your bi-fold doors sparkling: An eco-friendly 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water is a long-standing traditional way to clean glass for a reason. But it will leave a powerful smell of vinegar for a while so this might be one for a nice day when you can get some fresh air into the room. A mixture of soap and water is a common choice but don’t go overboard with the soap as the suds will leave a streaky residue on the glass. To avoid streaks your choice of cleaning tool is key. Microfibre cloths or squeegees are best for a streak-free effect. Try to avoid letting dirty water drip onto the frames. If it does, make sure you wipe it away fully. Sparkling clean windows need a smart, smear-free frame to off-set them.
Bifold doors Nottingham

If you want a sleek and stylish appearance, you should choose aluminium bi-fold doors. You’ll also find they provide all the strength and security that you need for your home. Aluminium bi-fold doors for strength and security Aluminium bi-fold doors are supremely strong. Whilst only 67% the weight of steel, the premium grade aluminium used in our Origin bi-fold doors is the highest quality. As with all Origin products, the aluminium uses only prime billets, meaning that it has not been made from re-melting scraps. This gives superior control over the overall formulation of the aluminium And this, in turn, gives a much better finish than you might find with other products. Aluminium has an intrinsic strength which will make your bi-fold doors: Physically secure, Low maintenance, Energy efficient, and Very long lasting. Even the worst weather conditions will see it maintain its shape, with no warping or flexing. So you can be confident that your bi-fold doors will be long lasting and stay looking good. As a versatile material, aluminium is ideal to accommodate complicated door requirements that your home might present. For example, bay-style layouts or corner posts are easier to accommodate without the extra demands requiring extra weight. Aluminium bi-fold doors for style The lightweight versatility of aluminium means that the frames of your bi-fold doors are surprisingly slim. This helps to give you the best possible view and letting more daylight into your home. All frames are finished with a very high grade powder coating in a wide range of colour options which means you get give a smooth and scratch-resistant surface. With such advantages, it’s no wonder that Origin bi-fold doors come with a 20 year guarantee.

DoorCo door 1
DoorCo Composite doors in Nottingham and Derby Finished in the UK to exacting standards, DoorCo composite doors are fine-tuned to suit the unique requirements of each homeowner. DoorCo composite doors for choice and style You can choose from 16 door styles using grained GRP skins and many decorative glass options and colour finishes. So you're bound to find a combination that suits your home perfectly. DoorCo composite doors for warmth and energy efficiency This composite door is much more thermally efficient than timber or most PVC doors. With these doors, you get far better “U” values than those required by the latest building regulations. With multiple seals, they are excellent at keeping out draughts, and will give you a much warmer home and lower energy bills. DoorCo composite doors for long term performance Over time, the weather will affect most timber doors which means they will be prone to warping and twisting. With this composite door, the internal construction of timber, LVL and composite material combined with a high density polyurethane core means it will remain strong and stable whatever the weather. DoorCo composite doors for the lowest maintenance possible The DoorCo composite door’s specially developed GRP skins, coupled with an industry leading paint finish, mean that your door will maintain its colour and gloss for many years with no need to repaint or stain it. Simply wipe it down and it will look as good as new – what could be easier?

Grey framed windows give a sophisticated finish to this new orangery in Shirebrook This stylish orangery uses Origin Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors in anthracite grey and UPVC windows by Liniar, also in smart anthracite. The doors were assembled and windows manufactured by us before being installed on site. We ensured that the orangery’s brickwork matched the existing brickwork of the house – “a work of art” as our bricklayer described it – and you can see that the attention to detail has paid off in ensuring a seamless exterior transition from main building to orangery. The orangery is finished off beautifully with a glass roof with UPVC frames to make the very most of the natural light and to create a spacious feel to this additional area to the property. The customer wrote this for us on Checkatrade: “We chose Glazedale Limited after a number of other quotes, but from day one the customer service was first class from start to finish. Darren and his team of workers are first rate professionals, the workmanship is outstanding and they work hard to deliver what the customer wants with no nonsense. We ran into some building regulation foundations issues once the build had started, and some companies may well have walked away with what needed to be done to resolve it, but Darren offered that personal, calm service to see us through the problems. Top job Glazedale Limited, and thank you.”

Orangery with grey framed windows and French doors This new orangery in Crich, Derbyshire is a project that added a modern extension to the rear of the house giving the family extra living space with plenty of light. It was a straightforward build for us with Glazedale responsible for the brickwork and finishing touches as well as the fabrication and installation of anthracite UPVC frames, glass lantern roof and Bi-Folds all the way around.

What is the difference between and orangery and a conservatory? Historically a much older concept than the conservatory, the orangery is seeing a resurgence in popularity amongst home owners who want to some extra space to their property. Either can be a good choice, depending on your preferences, the style of your home, and the environment you are located in. An orangery tends to create a more private space than a conservatory. Whilst the extra glazing of a conservatory brings a lot of daylight into a home and allows expansive views of the garden, an orangery has a greater proportion of brickwork which allows it to blend with the existing structure and feel like a more integral part of the home. An orangery will have a plastered roof with a roof lantern which maintains an enclosed feel to the space whilst adding ceiling height and allowing in sunlight. A conservatory roof will be fully glazed and the walls will be primarily glazed too making this choice more popular where an enclosed garden offers good privacy.

Conservatory makeover in Heanor This conservatory project in Heanor, Derbyshire is one that we are particularly proud of. The transformation from a dull conservatory with brickwork that didn’t match the main building into one that is both more sympathetic to the style of the house and makes a stunning impact thrilled the client. The project even was even commended as the Installation of the Month in the National Fenestration Awards at the time. The cream profile on this project is supplied by Liniar (another local firm based in Denby, Derbyshire and with a great national reputation) and the frames, of course, were manufactured and installed by Team Glazedale We especially like the Liniar profiles because they achieve the highest energy ratings without expensive triple glazing – that’s got to be good. Without wanting to baffle you with technical detail, the UPVC profile – or frame – in a Liniar window contains symmetrical chambers to minimise the transfer of heat from the inside of your property to the outside. And, unlike other UPVC window systems, Liniar’s high thermal efficiency isn’t achieved at the expense of strength or security – the range is accredited with both PAS 24 Enhanced Security and Secured By Design status, assuring you of the highest standards. For the conservatory roof we used Pilkington Activ™ Blue, an attractive blue glass that combines self-cleaning properties with medium solar control performance helping to create a cooler internal environment which can be used all year round. To complete the project we looked after the finishing touches including the patio and slabbing taking the smart new look seamlessly into the garden. Take a look at the “before and after” pictures to see the stunning difference… With a boring brown frame the conservatory really lacked sparkle… With a smart cream frame the conservatory adds real style to the home… The old conservatory just sits on the edge of the garden… The new conservatory, patio and paving integrate home and garden… Impressed by the transformation? Take a look at the difference we’ve made on other conservatory projects of all sizes and styles…

Transform your old conservatory You’ve bought a new home – but it has an old conservatory! You like the extra space and light it provides – it’s one of the reasons the house appealed – but it’s not in the best condition and it looks its age. What do you do? Refreshing your conservatory is the obvious choice. From replacing the old-fashioned glazing for something contemporary and more energy-efficient, to changing the roof style, to re-building to make better use of the area it covers, you can certainly take that scruffy old addition to your house to a desirable living space that makes your home complete. Whether your prefer a traditional style or a more modern take on a conservatory, a conventional white frame or a more adventurous colour choice, now is the time to stamp your style on your home. Even when we’re working with an existing structure, you’ll still get our personalised service to give you a bespoke design that gives you what you need and enhances the appearance of your home. Take a look at some projects we’ve carried out around Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to transform homes of all shapes and sizes. From an ancient eyesore to a lovely living space… New doors and windows bring more light into this conservatory… New doors and windows as well as orangery-style roofs transform this conservatory… More space and much smarter look for this conservatory… A true transformation! More attractive in every way… Impressed by these transformations? Why not take a look at our case study of a conservatory project in Heanor which was recognised by the National Fenestration Awards?

Open up your home with Origin bi-fold doors Bi-fold doors are a great way to bring a whole new look to your home and give you new ways to enjoy opening up a room to the summer sun. We’re particularly pleased with the effect that a stylish choice of aluminium bi-fold door had on this customer’s house, creating a contemporary look that, combined with new decking gives them a flexibility to enjoy their leisure time. A low threshold gives even floor level finishes inside and outside which helps to create an even better sense of space. Bifold doors are simple and seamless to use, opening smoothly on a free-glide roller system with just a gentle push. This house has five doors which accommodate the width of the extended area of the property but you can choose a configuration of between two and eight doors – whatever best suits your home. Bifold doors aren’t only for the summer, of course. In winter they let in precious daylight whilst keep the cold and wet firmly outside. Origin doors’ thermal efficiency significantly surpasses the British Building Regulation requirements keeping you cosy in the depths of winter whilst still allowing you to enjoy a view of your garden. They are highly secure too with a unique 8-point locking system with linear bolts, deep-throw security hooks and strong hinges which give maximum compression to ensure that the doors are both secure and weather resistant. Because Origin use only premium grade aluminium, you can rely on the frames to be strong and durable whilst still being narrow enough to create the largest glazed area possible to allow in plenty of natural light. At Glazedale we use Origin components because their quality standards match ours. They are durable, secure and energy-efficient and, of course, incredibly stylish as our pictures show. Read more about your options when choosing Origin aluminium bi-folding doors…

Highly Secure Bi-fold Doors One reason we choose to work with Origin bi-fold doors is their high level of security which exceeds all the latest stringent security standards including Pas23/24. The unique 8-point locking system with linear bolts, deep-throw security hooks and strong hinges, gives maximum compression to ensure that the doors are both secure and weather resistant. Where some bi-fold doors can have a point of weakness in the locking cylinder or barrel, Origin’s design of cylinders is proven to protect against all types of attempted intrusion from snapping or picking to drilling or bumping. You couldn’t ask for a more secure design of lock. In addition, the strong aluminium profile means that Origin bi-fold doors are as secure as you could wish for.  

Cleaning and maintaining your new double glazing Keep your new double glazing in tip top condition with our simple and inexpensive tips. Cleaning glass and glazing panels There is no need to spend a fortune keeping your double glazing clean; any brand of domestic glass cleaner will do the job on your doors, windows and conservatory. Sometimes a mild detergent will also be a good idea. Cleaning handles, catches and letterboxes Your handles and door furniture simply need a damp cloth and mild detergent to keep them looking smart. But DO NOT use metal cleaners – they will remove the lacquered finish and spoil their appearance for good. Cleaning framework and sashes For general cleaning, simply use a warm damp cloth. But for road film and stubborn marks you need a specific cleaner for UPVC products (you can get a bottle from our showroom). DO NOT use abrasive or corrosive cleaners as these will damage your frames. Maintaining your double glazed windows, doors and conservatory To keep your windows and doors working smoothly, use a light machine oil hinges and all parts of the locking mechanism twice a year.

Beyond the white UPVC door there’s a world of colour When you think UPVC, you think white. It’s traditionally the colour of the door you choose for its secure and energy-saving qualities. But these days, you’re by no means restricted to white alone. Over the past year we’ve seen most interest in black, grey and Chartwell green doors – but a new UPVC door can come in one of an extensive range of colours and with door furniture available in white, gold, silver, black, brushed chrome and polished chrome. There’s no excuse for not getting the ideal combination for your home. UPVC doors start at £800 for a coloured door with side panels at an extra cost if you require them.  We manufacture locally in West Hallam using Liniar profile & Hoppe door furniture and manufacture the glass to your specification. Composite doors range in price from £1,000 to £1,500 – talk to us about what you need from a door and we can advise on the best value. With styles from traditional to contemporary there will be one that suits your property perfectly. Composite doors come from the leading composite door manufacturer and are finished off in our factory with high quality door furniture. We also know our customers value security so we use only top of the range 5 point locking systems on all our doors. Take a look at some recent door installations to see the kind of colours and style choices available.

Bespoke grey framed windows & french doors for this Derbyshire home This home in Chaddesden, Derbyshire have a summer house on their garden. We supplied and fitted windows and doors throughout to help the owner create the “wow” factor they desired and to keep it insulated for the colder seasons. We used Anthracite Grey UPVC for the windows and French doors, which is manufactured & installed by us. We are particularly pleased with the contrast of the dark grey on the wooden build.    

Are you losing heat through your windows and doors? Thermal imaging can show some scary things about a home – the heat loss from the front of this typical house is easy to see. And so is the difference that double glazing can make. In fact, on average, a home can lose about 20% of its heat through your windows and doors – and that is reflected in your fuel bills, year after year. That makes replacing your old windows and doors with new, double-glazed units a great investment, saving you money on your bills month in month out. And this is also be a great chance to enhance your beautiful home with the most suitable of the many different and unique window designs available for you to choose from. The benefits of energy efficient windows and doors for your home Without a doubt, energy efficient windows and doors have both immediate and ongoing benefits: Lower energy bills mean you have more money to spend on other things. Reduced heat loss mean fewer draughts which, in turn, means you have a more comfortable home. Reduced condensation on the inside of the windows makes your home more attractive and easier to care for. Improved sound insulation protects your home from the noises of the outside world. Better security from better constructed, more robust window and door units. Whether you choose double or even triple glazed windows and doors, you can be assured that our Liniar energy plus windows outperform most of the other leading windows in the UK. The innovative PVCu multi-chambered profile design makes them particularly high performing. The additional chambers designed into the PVCu profile when its manufactured prevent less cold air entering your home, and ensure that less warm air leaves it. Liniar windows and doors can achieve an ‘A+’ rating, better than most of its competitors, which means you’ll be able to enjoy warmer and quieter home as well as lower energy bill. Want to find out more? Give us a call on 01773 712001

Cleaning and maintaining your UPVC windows Keep your new double glazing in tip top condition with our simple and inexpensive tips. Cleaning glass and glazing panels There is no need to spend a fortune keeping your double glazing clean; any brand of domestic glass cleaner will do the job on your doors, windows and conservatory. Sometimes a mild detergent will also be a good idea. However, be careful when using these products as chemicals within the product can stain the UPVC. Cleaning handles, catches and letterboxes Your handles and door furniture simply need a damp cloth and mild detergent to keep them looking smart. But DO NOT use metal cleaners – they will remove the lacquered finish and spoil their appearance for good. Cleaning framework and sashes For general cleaning, simply use a warm soapy water and a cloth. But for road film and stubborn marks you need a specific cleaner for UPVC products (you can get a bottle from our showroom). DO NOT use abrasive or corrosive cleaners as these will damage your frames. Maintaining your double glazed windows To keep your windows working smoothly, use a light machine oil hinges and all parts of the locking mechanism twice a year.

Operating your double glazed windows Restrictor hinges Restrictor window hinges provide safety for children and prevent falls from heights. To open the window fully for cleaning, first open the window and then press the release clip on the hinge mechanism. Fire egress and easy clean hinges These windows open to 90 degrees standard for fire egress. Slide the black button and then slide the whole opener towards the centre in order to clean the glass from the inside. Then simply close the window in the normal manner. Keeping your windows secure Please keep all your keys in a safe place. Never force or exert leverage on any operation and ensure that all windows and doors are secure when leaving your premises.

Energy efficient windows to keep your home warm When you are looking for new double glazed windows it’s not always easy to tell by looking at them just what the quality of the product is. UPVC windows might look similar but what is inside the frames is what makes the difference to how well the windows perform and how much energy they will save – or waste! If energy saving is an important factor in your choice of new windows, – and when 20% of your home’s heat can be lost through your windows why wouldn’t it be – you need to look at the energy rating of the windows you plan to buy. Energy efficiency is certainly important to us and that’s why, as an approved fabricator of the Liniar window profile, we offer you the most technically advanced window range available in the UK With a unique multi-chambered UPVC profile from our windows can achieve the very latest A++ energy rating, helping to retain heat within your property. Our window frames are not only beautifully designed and available in a large choice of styles & colours they also contain a huge number of hidden features to make them the most energy efficient frames you can choose. And the great news is there is still plenty of time to have your new windows manufactured locally and installed in your home before the season changes – giving you a lovely warm home for the winter. Take a look at some of our recent window installations to get a flavour of the range of styles and colours you can choose from – there’s bound to be an option that suits your home perfectly.