Rosewood Orangery with French Doors in Heanor


This Orangery is framed with a beautiful deep rosewood with a wood effect engraved all the way around. All frames were supplied by Liniar and manufactured in our Glazedale factory. The build includes large tilt and turn, which are ideal for customers who may want to add that extra feature to their Orangery, and fixed windows to result in more light coming through to the house as well as the extension. French doors adorn the build to allow easy access to the garden. This was originally a conservatory that the customer stated was in desperate need of a an upgrade as it was old, dark and cold. We changed the frames from wooden to UPVC and the inside colour of the frames to white to brighten the room. The changing of roof from a polycarbonate to a sky lantern has also resulted in the warm being warmer and quieter due to the glass silencing the outside, this has resulted in the customer using the area as a dining room as it is now more enjoyable to sit down in. Overall the customer is really pleased with the build and stated that they really enjoyed their experience with us.