White Orangery in Ravenshead with Bi-Fold Doors

Originally, this Orangery was a conservatory which was a well used room by the family, however over the years it began to get colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. The family struggled to use the space as a result of this and then decided that a change was required. That was when they contacted us! Through the help of a friend recommending us to the family and being impressed with our salesman’s knowledge, they was instantly won over!

The conservatory was originally set out as a separate room but the customer requested to have it all open plan. As you can see from the photos it is now an extended sitting room from the kitchen. The customer stated she wanted the extension to feel as though it was a garden room and that the garden was seeable from all angles, which is the reason for the Bi-Fold that goes from side to side. The build also features ‘pencil’ windows that are on either side of the tv which adds extra character to the room. The customer was thrilled with how the orangery turned out and thoroughly enjoyed her experience with us. This room is now the most used room throughout the house.