Cleaning and maintaining your new double glazing

Keep your new double glazing in tip top condition with our simple and inexpensive tips.

Cleaning glass and glazing panels

There is no need to spend a fortune keeping your double glazing clean; any brand of domestic glass cleaner will do the job on your doors, windows and conservatory. Sometimes a mild detergent will also be a good idea.

Cleaning handles, catches and letterboxes

Your handles and door furniture simply need a damp cloth and with warm soapy water. But DO NOT use metal cleaners or any harsh cleaners– they will remove the lacquered finish and spoil their appearance for good.

Cleaning framework and sashes

For general cleaning, simply use a warm damp cloth. But for road film and stubborn marks you need a specific cleaner for UPVC products (you can get a bottle from our showroom). DO NOT use abrasive or corrosive cleaners as these will damage your frames.

Maintaining your double glazed windows, doors and conservatory

To keep your windows and doors working smoothly, use a light oil to lubricate hinges and all parts of the locking mechanism twice a year. We DO NOT recommend to use WD40 on locking cylinders, instead we recommend a graphite powder (Supplied at our showroom). If you are struggling to find an appropriate oil to use, give us a call on 01773712001.