Palladio Doors Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Palladio Doors in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

Palladio doors are a premium advanced composite door. They are known within the UK market as the most secure composite front door. They are designed to look like a real timber door but offer a better life expectancy then a timber door. Palladio doors are known for their strength and resistance as their doors are designed with a monocoque structure which is then reinforced with fibreglass whereas most composite doors are created using a foam filler. It is stated in the brochure that the door can hold the weight of a 4X4 truck! The Palladio website also offers various videos on the secureness of the door compared to your standard composite door. The glass in the Palladio is triple glazed which means as well as the doors looking the part, they also perform the part of being a premium door. Palladio offer 31+ unique designs in 13 different colours, you can view all the designs and colours on the Palladio door designer which is linked at the top of our website page!

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