What is the difference between and orangery and a conservatory?

Historically a much older concept than the conservatory, the orangery is seeing a resurgence in popularity amongst home owners who want to some extra space to their property.

Either can be a good choice, depending on your preferences, the style of your home, and the environment you are located in.

An orangery tends to create a more private space than a conservatory. Whilst the extra glazing of a conservatory brings a lot of daylight into a home and allows expansive views of the garden, an orangery has a greater proportion of brickwork which allows it to blend with the existing structure and feel like a more integral part of the home.

An orangery will have a plastered roof with a roof lantern which maintains an enclosed feel to the space whilst adding ceiling height and allowing in sunlight. A conservatory roof will be fully glazed and the walls will be primarily glazed too making this choice more popular where an enclosed garden offers good privacy.