With over 150 different colour options for your bi-fold doors available there’s one to suit every home. And quality of finish is guaranteed – for 20 years! The aluminium is coated with the highest grade powder using an electrostatic process after a special pre-treatment. It is cured at 200°C to form a robust coating that is tougher than conventional paint whilst giving a beautifully smooth surface. This finish is very hardwearing, resistant to scratches – and resistant to colour fading which makes having such a great range of colour choices so tempting.

Popular colours for your bi-fold doors

Traditional light and dark silver, white and black remain popular choices. Choose one of these for a traditional look, especially for a traditional home. In recent years a dark grey – a slate or anthracite – has joined this popular selection giving a smart twist to a conventional option. Choose a dark grey for a look that is not quite conventional!

Wood grain-look aluminium for your bi-fold doors

Wood grain aluminium – how does that work?

This is an innovative choice that offers the appeal of real wood without the bother of the maintenance, expansion or warping. The aluminium is powder coated as a base colour. It is then wrapped in a containing film which creates a vacuum for perfect adhesion. Then it is cured in a high temperature oven, transferring the ink on the film onto the base surface, creating a wood grain effect. Once cooled, the film is removed to leave a finish that resembles genuine wood. Choose from oak, walnut or mahogany.

Get creative with colour for your bi-fold doors

Looking for something different? With a real wow factor? Don’t worry, Origin bi-fold doors will have just the colour for you. Whether you want something that little bit different or something that will really stand out, a choice of 150 different shades means that you’ll find what you want.

From sophisticated urban chic to striking pop art shades, the choice is your.

You can also have different colours inside and out – how’s that for a unique look for your home?