If you want a sleek and stylish appearance, you should choose aluminium bi-fold doors. You’ll also find they provide all the strength and security that you need for your home.

Aluminium bi-fold doors for strength and security

Aluminium bi-fold doors are supremely strong. Whilst only 67% the weight of steel, the premium grade aluminium used in our Origin bi-fold doors is the highest quality.

As with all Origin products, the aluminium uses only prime billets, meaning that it has not been made from re-melting scraps. This gives superior control over the overall formulation of the aluminium And this, in turn, gives a much better finish than you might find with other products.

Aluminium has an intrinsic strength which will make your bi-fold doors:

  • Physically secure,
  • Low maintenance,
  • Energy efficient, and
  • Very long lasting.

Even the worst weather conditions will see it maintain its shape, with no warping or flexing. So you can be confident that your bi-fold doors will be long lasting and stay looking good.

As a versatile material, aluminium is ideal to accommodate complicated door requirements that your home might present. For example, bay-style layouts or corner posts are easier to accommodate without the extra demands requiring extra weight.

Aluminium bi-fold doors for style

The lightweight versatility of aluminium means that the frames of your bi-fold doors are surprisingly slim. This helps to give you the best possible view and letting more daylight into your home.

All frames are finished with a very high grade powder coating in a wide range of colour options which means you get give a smooth and scratch-resistant surface.

With such advantages, it’s no wonder that Origin bi-fold doors come with a 20 year guarantee.