When condensation appears on our windows, we initially think the worst. However, condensation that appears on the outer and inner panes means your windows are energy efficient and they are keeping the heat in within your home. Condensation appears when heat comes into contact with a cold surface which causes water vapor to appear, also known as Condensation. It is important to remember to frequently dry the water vapor or allow ventilation, as it can cause mold to form around the frame or anything surrounding such as blinds or curtains. Condensation can also appear between your glass panes. However, this means the rubber seal surrounding your glass unit has developed a hole; also known as ‘Blown‘. When this occurs, the unit is inefficient as it is now failing to keep the heat in. At Glazedale, we have a 10-year guarantee on all our window glass units. This means we will replace all glass units, provided by ourselves, free of charge under 10 years. However, a fitting charge can be applied if the glass unit is over a year old.