Palladio Composite Doors – installed throughout Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

We love the Palladio composite door range. It provides a choice of styles both traditional and modern so whatever the style of your home there will be one that suits it perfectly.


Palladio composite doors for warmth and energy efficiency

All Palladio doors have secure seals that are guaranteed to keep out all the wind and rain that the British climate can throw at it.

If you like technical details, the door leaf has a U value of 0.205 and the combined value of a triple glazed door is .98.

If you don’t like technical details, all you need to know is that this door will keep your home warm and your energy bills low.


Palladio composite doors for strength and security

Above all, Palladio doors are all but indestructible, with decorative glazed panels made from toughened safety glass for your peace of mind. This means that we are more than happy to recommend them for the security conscious.

If you are concerned about security – and who isn’t? – you’ll be pleased to know:

  • All doors feature an eight-point hook locking system with a dead latch.
  • The locking system is PAS 23/24 approved.
  • It is also approved by Secured by Design, the UK police initiative for designing out crime through physical security.

And as for strength… well the tests speak for themselves. Take a look at the video to see how a Palladio composite door stands up against a standard composite door. You’ll be as impressed as we are.

Palladio door 2