If you are replacing your window why not incorporate an integrated window blind? Enclosed between two panes of glass, these blinds offer a smart approach to managing the sunlight coming into your home.

Integrated window blinds offer great advantages

These stylish blinds make a smart choice:

  • No dusting or cleaning required.
  • No risk of damage giving them a long life
  • Durable components make them maintenance-free
  • Excellent light and solar control characteristics

Integrated window blinds in a range of options

You can choose between Venetian and Pleated models and from 11 different colours and three control systems. You’re sure to find a combination that suits your style.

Our personalised service is how we help you to make the best investment for your home and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Give a call today to discuss how an integrated window blind can make your new windows even smarter –01773 712001.