The DoorCo composite door is finished in the UK to exacting standards, fine-tuned to suit the unique requirements of each homeowner.

DoorCo composite doors for choice and style

With 16 door styles using grained GRP skins and many decorative glass options and colour finishes, you are bound to find a combination that suits your home perfectly.

DoorCo composite doors for warmth and energy efficiency

This composite door is much more thermally efficient than timber or most PVC doors with far better “U” values than those required by the latest building regulations. With multiple seals, they are excellent at keeping out draughts, giving you a warmer home and lower energy bills.

DoorCo composite doors for long term performance

Over time, most timber doors will see the effect of the weather and be prone to warping and twisting. With this composite door, the internal construction of timber, LVL and composite material combined with a high density polyurethane core means it will remain strong and stable whatever the weather.

DoorCo composite doors for the lowest maintenance possible

The DoorCo composite door’s specially developed GRP skins, coupled with an industry leading paint finish, mean that your door will maintain its colour and gloss for many years with no need to repaint or stain it. Simply wipe it down and it will look as good as new – what could be easier?

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